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Being an Underwriter gave Renado the opportunity to meet with the insurance agent and customer to review their exposures.  From doing so, he found that no two risks are alike which peaked his interest in being an insurance agent.

Renado started his career with Travelers Insurance Company in 1997.  His first job was to box files and send them to archives.  That position was only to last three months; it took him two weeks to empty the workspace and they agreed to keep him on working in the Claims Mail unit indexing work comp claims.  From there he worked as the mailman delivering mail to the various business units within Travelers.  After two years in the mailroom, he was offered an Account Manager position in Ocean Marine Underwriting that gave him the opportunity to process policies, handle audits and agency billing inquiries.  Given his drive, he ultimately became an Underwriting Trainee that gave him the opportunity to review applications, meet with the agent and insured and quote their insurance coverage.  In the fall of 2007, he was offered the chance to move to Charlotte, NC and manage that territory for Travelers.

He currently lives in Fort Mill, SC with his wife and two children.  In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, fishing and various community service functions.

Feel free to contact Renado at  or 803-223-9424

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